Excerpts from a Collection of Unsolicited, ​​​​Unedited Client Comments

Publisher, Editor-in-Chief, Editorial Director and Copy Editor of the Book Division at a Top-Ranked U.S. Hospital in Cleveland:

“Wow, Nicki. This is such a masterly summation that I am saving it to my flash drive immediately. If I ever need to present our story (with attribution, natch), here it is. It's wonderful to have it. And that you have put yourself out for us like this is so heart-warming. I can't thank you enough for doing this, regardless of what comes of it. You are a dear and a blessing unto us!”

“You are a savvy businesswoman, Nicki, and a fabulous communicator. No matter how he responds, you did a marvelous job encapsulating what we are all about and putting forth your intentions. Thank you for representing us so well and for sharing the e-mails with us.”

“BTW, this morning in our meeting, he said, "The best thing we did last year in connection with marketing the books was to hire Nicki Artese." just in case we haven't told you lately how much we love you.”

“Nicki, it's beautiful! The pages look wonderful. Somehow they seem to have so much depth and vibrancy, compared to the old site. And they seem so whippy zippy -- are they really coming up that much faster? Seems like it. Everything I've looked at so far looks marvelous. I am so impressed!"

“The site truly is outstanding. Great job!”

“The site is beautiful.”

Widely-Recognized and Internationally Published Urologist at a Top-Ranked U.S. Hospital in Cleveland: 

"Chicki... As I read these very succinct but very effective summaries, I kept saying to myself... "This is precisely the reason why Nicki Artese was introduced to JP..."   AWESOME. No wonder Ken was so pleased. And it is simply a fact. It is awesome and it is... God's work!"

“That's why I have been smart enough to surround myself with even smarter people. I am so blessed to have you in my life. I remain tongue tied with so much gratitude for what you have been doing for me.”

“I love the synergy and explosion that takes place between us, in a matter a few volleys! I am stunned, it is tremendous. Wow! You are such an EXCELLENT writer.”

“I think I am having a moment...and I am wiping a tear drop from my eyes...I sure hope I can live up to this bio. Thanks Chicki!”

“You are awesome. I think it is so fun, so serious, so informative, so efficient!”

“Oh this is so perfect... and you do know me so well! This is so impressive.”

“You're just a delight and so amazing.”

“Oh boy... My colleagues would be so jealous to read this...and they'll all want to hire you too! I may just copy and paste the whole thing. I am very impressed... but not surprised!”

“Thanks again for being the most unique businesswoman I could have never imagined. I wish to be as loved and respected. I feel so excited and it is all so "glorious" for me too esp thinking of the realization of potential and having such faith in you and our endless collaboration.”

“Your unadulterated passion about this project makes me feel so good about working with you.”

“You are so creative and resourceful... this is a legitimate spin.”

“When I see things like this I am blown away by your agility as a PR dancer!”

“Candidly, my faux pas helps prove I am without my brilliant PR person. By the way...Your negotiation skills are just awesome.”

Highly-Regarded Internal Medicine Physician at a Top-Ranked U.S. Hospital in Cleveland:

“I just wanted to tell you that I’m very impressed. My life will never be the same. You’ll never be the same person in my eyes. You’re ‘Mrs. Chicki Eloquente.’ It is beautiful, and no objections, of course. You sound like a journalist…concise, everything is so neat. Very, very good. You make me sound very smart.”

“Hello, my articulate friend. We just wanted to say thank you so much for the sacrifice last night. We know that you are working hard, and that you have these rough deadlines. The invitation was really neat. We are so grateful. Ever so grateful.”

President, Vice President, Director and Marketing Manager at the World's Largest Independent Paper and Print Broker:

“This brought tears to my eyes. I love it.”

“Hell, we considered you part of the family from day one. As far as the "potential new hires" are concerned - you are my secret weapon. That's why including you is a stroke of brilliance on my part (if I do say so myself). I’m glad you can make it. Thanks.”

“We so enjoyed meeting you last week and are tremendously impressed by the work you're doing.” 

“Wow wow wow this looks better than great.”

“Thanks so much for everything and making us look so good! “You amaze me every time we talk.”

Chairman, President, Shareholder and Director of Sales at One of the Largest Privately-Held Staffing Services in the U.S:

“I wanted to take a moment to thank you for all your help in making this a very, very successful Platinum Anniversary. I have to give credit where credit is due, and you were the "key" to our success--the "driving force” for which I am very grateful. It is also very appropriate that you were involved because you obviously had a great deal to do with what the company is today. Thanks again, and, is it too early to start planning for the 25th?”

“I must tell you that, without your guidance and constant coordination, this event would never have come about. I thank you for all your encouragement, cajoling and sense of humor as this whole event was taking shape. You always have been a perfectionist and possessed of high standards. These are traits I have always admired in you."

"Obviously, we all try to emulate your strengths, but of course fall short of your capabilities. I know that everyone in the family thinks highly of you as an individual as well as someone who knows how to get the job done! Thanks again and I, too, sincerely look forward to finding additional ways to work and have fun together.”

“You did a remarkable job, and it was well-appreciated by all. You are such a great friend to our family, and I am so glad you are there for us, special occasions and regular. He relies on your expertise so much. No one can fill your plate. If I can ever do anything for you, let me know. Great job!”

“My apologies for the tardiness of this short, but hopefully succinct note. I just wanted to express my thanks to you and commend you on a great job/marvelous work on the 20th Anniversary sale-a bration......excuse me celebration. You certainly do not need me to tell you, but you did wonderful preparation and lots "o" work to make this whole achievement come to fruition. As someone who was totally a part of the success in making it and BRANDING it to the 20 year plateau, I congratulate and thank you for all your contributions from here and from University Heights over the years.”

“An advertising person from MBE magazine said to me that she always looks for words within words and that our name is awesome because the word Siesta is within the name! Wow! Nicki, you're even great subliminally!  Aren't you proud? I am!”

“This release is absolutely perfect as far as everything else!!! You are frigging awesome!”

​Co-Owner of a Privately-Held Cleveland Manufacturing Company with 20+ Local and National Awards for Growth and Innovation:

“What a year Nicki. Thank you from the bottom of my heart for all you have done for me and the company. You are an amazing find, an amazing talent, a super woman and someone that I look up to and respect. Thanks for a great year!”

“Nicki, thank you for your time yesterday and your very well written words for me. You and just your energy, your smile and how darn good you are at what you do - such a great plus for everyone in this organization. I/we certainly do appreciate it! You are the bomb sister.”

“Nicki, thank you so much for a crazy but very successful and productive couple of weeks!"

"You are truly amazing and we are blessed to have you as part of our team.”

"Jenn, Nicki is the best I have ever seen, you two hook up.”

Co-Owners of a Privately-Held Data, Voice and Fiber Cabling Company in Cleveland with Multiple Regional Business Awards:

“I don't know what I would have done without you both personally and professionally over the years. You are such a big part of my life. Thanks for always being there!!!!”

“Just a short little note to tell you how much having you on our team means to me. I can't believe everything that has happened so far. Winning this award today is so not real to me yet. I thank you from the bottom of my heart for all of your support and help (in more ways than one). You are truly the best!!!”

“Very nice Nicki. I don’t know how you come up with some of these but they’re GREAT!!!”

High-Demand, Highly-Praised Licensed Professional Clinical Counselor in the Cleveland Area: 

“Hi magnificent, beautiful, amazing blessing in my life!

I have continued to feel very emotional since we talked! -- Just thinking about what a truly phenomenal job you have done in creating something that conveys who I am and my values in the deepest sense; also about my mom and how she would be so proud of what we have created. ;) I am also continuing to just feel so much joy around the whole thing!”

“I woke up this morning still basking in all the joy and upliftment from our launch! It really is so fun and such a blessing to put out such a thing of beauty and then feel and experience all the love coming back! You did this soul sister! It's such an incredible gift!” 

“You're right! It almost does seem surreal to have it done & out there for everyone to see--this beautiful culmination of our relationship and a year's worth of work!” “Everything that you have created and written is stunning and beautiful and A-M-A-Z-I-N-G!”

“Thank you so much again for everything soul sister--especially for all of the time and energy that you keep pouring into the site and just for being willing to use your amazing gifts and talents to bless me with your work. Every time I look at the site I feel so excited and full of joy! It is such a beautiful work of art!”

Social media comments about new website:

  • Amazing amazing amazing!
  • Wow. Just wow.
  • Love the whole look of it 󾬖 and your pictures are beautiful. Congratulations!!
  • I love it! The layout is beautiful, easy to navigate, and I love your photo!
  • Impressive and classy
  • You look amazing! Your photo exudes warmth, so it accurately captures you! The site looks great!
  • Your site really does reflect the caring and attentive person you are!
  • It's exquisite!
  • Great job!!!!!
  • Beautiful!
  • Awesome! So happy you are finally getting the word out about all the wonderful things you can do
  • Like you, AMAZING!!!!
  • Awesome! i checked out your new web site and it's wonderful...many blessings!
  • Beautifully done!! Congratulations.
  • The site looks great!!! So happy for you! Congratulations!!
  • So happy for you! Looks great !!
  • Beautiful!!!
  • Fabulous!!
  • What a terrific site. The photos (margin right) were absolutely HD terrific.  Beautiful.   
  • Very clean and pretty design... love the colors... very cool looking... very calm feeling... very inviting... great logo packed with meaning too... wish i knew how to do this... very proud of you

Nationally-Publicized Miami Beach Luxury Real Estate Broker Ranked in the Top One-Half of One Percent of All Realtors Nationwide:

“I think you are doing a fantab. job. I've NEVER ever worked with someone so competent EVER. Your grasp of the 'story' and your ability to dig to uncover the story amazes me. I feel so comfortable with your grasp of this...I KNOW YOU'VE GOT UR ARMS AROUND THIS ONE. We are so on sched. We will be off to print on time. YOU’RE THE BEST!”

“This is fabulous, it is in-cre-di-ble! I can’t believe it’s done! It’s beautiful, and even my boss loves it. Everybody around the office is like, scampering. Everyone wants to read it and see it and take it in. It’s amazing…kudos. You’re fabulous, First class…well done…per-fection, God! But thank you, it’s amazing. I can’t believe it’s done! So I’m still in shock!" 

“It’s so fabulous...I can't stand myself--AND YOU.  Another job well done. UR the best!”


“I have to tell you that your sellers’ page that you did for me is the best work you’ve ever done. I read every period, apostrophe. It’s incredible. I read it three times. I love it. I love it.”

20-year Residential and Commercial Real Estate Professional & Entrepreneur in Buffalo, New York: 

"Oh My God (and i never use the lords name like that) Nicki! Those are absolutely stunning!!!! I am just taken aback at how beautifully written this is. Thank you again so much you are absolutely the best!"

"You bet i'm staying in touch! ;) once everything starts rolling, I am using you for all marketing, promotions and whatever else we can get our hands into :)"

"Thank you for your spectacular work! I have to say it is even better than I imagined! I am absolutely consulting you on future projects!!"

High-Visibility, New York/New Jersey Interior Designer and General Contractor with Celebrity Clients and a Cleveland-Area Office: 

“I just love what you presented. When someone takes the time to get to know you and gets the feel for what you are looking for it shows a thousand percent in their work. You have been there two thousand percent and the invitation is wonderful…you are one in a million and I’m so happy to have you in my corner.”

“He was blown away by the invite. He loved all of it and thought the concept was beyond great. He has been reviewing all the ads forever with the old company and couldn’t see one thing to change. Your talent has really shown through once again. Thanks for everything.”

“Hey great night, all because of you. Couldn’t be happier, and I couldn’t be more proud of you. We are such a team—he noticed how well we work together.”

“He was beyond thrilled. It was beyond terrific…quirk and funny, and captured the full essence of me and my company. He was blown away by it, as was I.”

“Who has the best PR woman? I do. You've done everything to not only make this a success but also you have eliminated so much stress on me. Words are all I can give…Can't wait to see you. Me.”

“Every minute you spend on my company and my career is so appreciated. You have done an incredible job putting my name out there. You are one in a million.”

“Hi there thank you for all the sincere kinds words of encouragement that you always have before during and after each step we take. It has been a great adventure these few months and just keeps getting better. Your friendship has meant so much to me, and I know that we will have this friendship forever. Your professionalism just mirrors the person you are. Hope you have a great New Year, and can’t wait for the start of our journey of the New Year. Go Ohio!”

“Dinner with them last night and he brought up how important you have been to gc. you have brought gc to a new level and how everyone admires your work and you personally. Of course we were glowing with the love and pride of not just agreeing with them but loving you as our family.”

Co-Owner of a Popular, Well-Regarded Furniture Store in the Cleveland Area:

“Chicki:  beautiful! You nailed it so perfectly. HURRAY!”


“That’s what I love about you — always thinking and always submitting — even if it is 4:00 in the morning. You totally got me prepared better for the meeting.”

Owner of an Award-Winning Cleveland-Area Salon and Spa with a 25-Year History: 

“Just wanted to call and say thank you so much for planning such a wonderful event. It was really a great party, and you were a little smash hit. You looked like you were all in charge, and I was very proud to have you there representing. Thank you so much for all your hard work, Chick. It all paid off last night.”

“Thanks for all your help these last couple of years, you've made a big impact on the growth and development of my business and I greatly appreciate it.”

One of Cleveland's Best-Known and Most Prolific Artist-Entrepreneurs for 30 Years:

“You’re the best at what you do, and you’re worth every penny. I know this because I’ve worked with others who are not as good as you.”

Recommendations Published on LinkedIn

“Finding a branding/marketing consultant these days is easy. They’re everywhere. Finding an “outside partner” who immediately understands the issues, then can quickly analyze, assess and put together well thought out plans, is much tougher. Nicki Artese is that rare person. Nicki is quick to grasp the problem, issues, “challenge” of a business…then is thoughtful, focused and smart when considering the options and possible outcomes. Nicki doesn’t waste time or resources. Nor does she mince words when a manager/owner is struggling with fixing and growing their business. Nicki can help clear away the noise and clutter and get to the core purpose of your business again. I would heartily recommend Nicki Artese to anyone looking for an experienced brand/marketing collaborator, and in need of some forward momentum.”

Lonnie Gronek, Vice President  I  COO, Elyria-Lorain Broadcasting

“I have worked with Nicki for the past 7 years as she has pitched and delivered clients to tv shows I produce. I am happy to give her my highest recommendation! She is a consummate professional with a work ethic that outmatches most! She is extremely knowledgeable and stands out as an expert in her field. Nicki takes the time to develop and nurture lasting industry relationships. Through our relationship I have found her to be someone of high values, character and integrity. Nicki would be an asset to any company lucky enough to have her on their team. I look forward to working with Nicki on future projects!”
Claire Donovan, Producer  

“Nicki’s a savvy communications professional who takes the time to understand both her clients and the media organizations she's working with. That's a great combination in a field where results aren't optional; they're mandatory. She's got a great mind for creating innovative solutions and a knack for picking up on details and incorporating them into whatever she's doing. In my book, that quest for continuous improvement is one of the keys to success. And with Nicki, it's certainly proven to be the case.”
Dustin Klein, Executive Editor  
I  Smart Business Network

“Nicki was a highly valued member of the senior management team at The Reserves Network for about ten years. She was very instrumental in our high sales growth and greatly increased name recognition, using her unrivaled skills in the Communications arena to maximize our public relations efforts, creating highly effective advertising and providing state-of-the-art and top notch marketing support to our sales department. She was always a great team player and her creativity was sought by all. Nicki has her own company now, and with her ambition, broad skills, determination, and hard work she has made it a success. Though Nicki is no longer at TRN, her visits and the memories left behind are highly treasured. I and others at TRN, still value her friendship.”
Don Stallard, CEO  I  The Reserves Network, Inc.

“A recommendation for Nicki is easy. She is, as stated, an expert in her field. She is able to take an endless amount of experience and apply it to any situation to achieve the desired results. Her focus, determination, knowledge and work ethic separate her from any counterpart. We have been blessed to be able to have her work with our organization on so many levels. She adds value to everything that she does. I can easily give Nicki my highest recommendation.”

Scott Forster  I  Co-owner/VP/COO, Magnus International Group

"I have been a psychotherapist in private practice for 16 years. When I met Nicki, I had been attempting to expand my practice and increase my client caseload for a number of years, with limited success. In the time since Nicki has been marketing my practice, my business has exploded! I have gone from being a part-time therapist with an unpredictable income to being booked solid! I now schedule clients out several weeks in advance, and my overall earnings have increased seven-fold!

She created a website for me that was beyond anything I could have imagined and which far, far surpassed my expectations. She was able to capture the essence of me and the holistic, mind-body work that I do in a beautiful and stunning way! She has also helped me to expand professionally and to market intensive weekend retreats that I now facilitate.

She has incredible technical expertise and SEO knowledge that's invaluable. Much more than that though, she has used her finely tuned interpersonal and coaching skills to work with me on developing every aspect of my business to levels that I could not have dreamed possible. I can't recommend her highly enough. She is truly the best of the best! I love everything that Nicki has done for me personally and professionally, and I love Nicki!"

Koren Bierfeldt  I  Licensed Professional Clinical Counselor

“I've known Nicki Artese for at least 15 years, and have always found her to be extraordinarily professional and knowledgeable about what she does. While I know hundreds of marketing & PR consultants and professionals, Nicki is easily among the half dozen or so best in terms of the senior-level wisdom and solid judgment she brings to clients. She understands how to get an organization's message across in the most effective (including cost-effective) way, using just the right blend of tactics and distribution channels (both new & traditional media). With her track record of building solid relationships, she's trusted by members of the media and other opinion leaders in ways most of her peers could only hope to be. She has my highest possible recommendation.”
John Ettorre, Owner  
I  Working with Words

“Watching Nicki do her stuff is like watching popcorn pop -- without a lid. Her level of energy is incredible! She is also powerfully knowledgeable about marketing a business, and I've watched her create amazing results for a wide variety of clients in different industries and of different sizes. I have subsequently hired her as a marketing advisor for my company, and her wisdom has helped us transform our marketing approach and internet presence. I highly recommend Nicki -- she is my marketing guru!”
Jim Smith  
I  The Executive Happiness Coach

“Nicki and I have worked together for a major gospel music act in the United States on their Marketing and Web Presence. She has a great ability to make everyone involved feel a part of "the team" and her attention to detail is impeccable. If you want to increase the quality and "WOW" factor of your overall communications strategy I would not hesitate to recommend her for your team.”
Michael Berg, Owner  
I  MDB Consulting Inc.

“Nicki was, hands-down, one of my favorite clients. She always trusted my recommendations and expertise, but also felt comfortable enough to share her perspective and ideas. Nicki is extremely knowledgeable and always does her homework which allows for a natural flow on any project. She takes her job to heart and has a passion for creating successful results which makes her respected in her craft.”
Alison Kenny, Senior Account Executive  
I  Fathom SEO

“Nicki is a professional with the highest level of integrity. It's a privilege to have her as a colleague and a friend.” 
Kathryn DeLong, Communications Director  
Cleveland Clinic Philanthropy Institute

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