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  • Contributed actively as a shareholder to the strategic direction of one of the country's largest, privately-held staffing services, as well as to aggressive sales, net income and other performance objectives.
  • Spearheaded $750,000 marketing, advertising and media relations program to support 25 percent average annual sales growth for four business units and 40 locations in eight states.
  • Formulated multimedia communications approach to significantly increase market awareness and cultivate new business in all territories, some with as many as 200 competitors.
  • Managed internal marketing/PR team and ad agency to develop communication products that influenced the annual recruitment and retention of 20,000 temporary employees and 2,500 clients.
  • Devised research and branding strategies that successfully guided the company’s marketing effort through the acquisition and name-change of ten staffing services.
  • Directed content and design for communications such as sales brochures, web and e-marketing, business proposals, direct mail, print, radio and TV ads, news releases and staff publications.
  • Authored and designed major communications, including strategic marketing plans, e-commerce strategies, client surveys, advertising, news and human interest stories, and video scripts.
  • Pioneered nationally awarded media relations program that resulted in an annual average of 150 free editorial exposures via local, national and international print and broadcast news vehicles.
  • Created and personally participated in or published more than 200 non-paid print, radio and TV interviews/stories, and initiated more than 1,000 free news opportunities during 10-year tenure. 
  • Other positions held: Vice President of Advertising/PR (1/98-1/99); Director of Advertising/PR (7/95-1/98); Advertising/PR Manager (11/92-7/95); Advertising/PR Coordinator (1/91-11/92).

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Everything and nothing has changed since I entered the marketing communications profession in 1987 as an advertising agency intern:

  • Text once created with "rub-off" adhesive and metal-stamped letters has been digitally revolutionized.
  • Social media has scooped the ice cream social.
  • Augmented and virtual reality are getting more attention than "perception is reality."
  • There's little sign of reality in news that's subjective, sensational or fake.
  • AI is becoming more recognized by creatives as both Artificial Intelligence and Adobe Illustrator.
  • Marketing talent is being transacted online to the detriment of freelancers, consultants, agencies, corporations and consumers alike.

But technology can't commoditize the things that still matter most: quality, wisdom, experience, emotional intelligence, integrity, humanity, communication... in a word, relationships.

Real, personalized business relationships. The kind that the most successful companies master to address every loyal customer's needs.

These are the very relationships companies find with marketing professionals who get what's important and why good enough ultimately isn't. This philosophy describes me, and if it describes you, too, I'd love to
hear from you.


Marketing & PR Areas of Expertise & Business Influence

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​​VICE PRESIDENT OF MARKETING  I  WONDERLIC, INC.  I  January 2001-February 2002, Chicago

Nicki Artese is an award-winning marketing and PR consultant, producer and coach in Cleveland, Ohio, with a 30-year history of promoting Inc. 500 companies, EY Entrepreneur Of The Year® winners, best workplaces and industry innovators. From emerging enterprises to billion-dollar businesses, she raises the visibility and authority of her clients to their clients, prospects and communities. Nicki serves organizations in local to international geographies with consumer to Fortune-company end users.

She provides ongoing communications strategy and solutions, from concept to completion, to growth-minded companies and sole proprietors entrusting part or all of their marketing, PR and advertising function to a relational, stakeholder-level partner. With devotion, passion and integrity, Nicki champions her clients' causes and helps make their businesses more successful.

Communications Production, Consulting & Coaching History

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  • Organic + Paid Web Search
  • Print + E-Database Marketing
  • Print + Digital Advertising
  • Community Service + Events
  • HR + Internal Communications
  • Behavioral Psychology

PROMOTIONS DIRECTOR  I  CLUB COCONUTS  I  September 1988-December 1990, Cleveland

Education & Training

  • Recruited to revive marketing effort of worldwide leader in personality and cognitive ability testing by bringing the program to a higher level of professionalism, creativity and performance.
  • Contributed regularly as an executive board member to the company’s vision and strategic direction, as well as to its operations, and human resource policies and procedures.
  • Spearheaded the company’s most formalized plan for ongoing client communication, achieved through web, digital and print marketing, advertising and media relations.
  • Reduced budget by approximately 50 percent and saved an additional 30 percent on projections, while increasing the frequency and quality of communication with clients and prospects.
  • Developed content and design for annual catalog, PowerPoint presentations, business proposals, sales sheets, print advertising, news releases, web and e-marketing, and other communications.
  • Crafted company’s e-commerce plans, and authored and art-directed the redesign of, resulting in a 54 percent increase in site traffic and a 32 percent increase in web sales.
  • Fashioned and helped determine strategic direction of presentations for major national accounts such as, BP Oil, Denny’s, Chick-fil-A, Ramada, ADP, Albertson’s and TruGreen.
  • Assessed new product acquisitions, licensing agreements and formation of marketing partnerships and channels with related personality testing and human resource businesses.
  • Constructed news releases and managed key media inquiries, including U.S. News & World Report, Sports Illustrated, The Los Angeles Times, and HR, Workforce and Training magazines.
  • Significantly and efficiently raise awareness of client products and services to their customers and prospects
  • Creatively and effectively discover and communicate client selling points of differentiation across channels
  • Establish clients as industry frontrunners, and give notable rise to the stories of their success and innovation
  • Optimize client websites to rank organically on page 1 of search results for critical keywords, with high CTRs
  • Ensure social media strategy and content improve client sentiment, and drive engagement and conversions
  • Procure and expertly manage hundreds of earned/non-paid client news stories for print, broadcast and web
  • Create community service events, and identify sponsorship options for corporate giveback and philanthropy
  • Develop strategies to increase communication and understanding between organization leaders and staff
  • Craft winning client nominations for dozens of prestigious regional and national business and industry awards
  • Transform client crisis into opportunities for authentic, transparent communication and reputation turnaround

Are We Meant to Be?

  • Marketing Strategy + Planning
  • Website Design + Development
  • Content Development + Editing


Personal Causes & Business Concerns

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About Nicki Artese, Cleveland Marketing/PR Consultant & Coach

Social Media & Technical Savvy 

  • Cleveland Clinic Patient Panel
  • The Wellness Institute
  • Hope Can Go Wellness Scholarship
  • Compassion International
  • American Cancer Society
  • Susan G. Komen of Northeast Ohio
  • Easter Seals of Northern Ohio
  • Goodwill of Greater Cleveland
  • Challenged Athletes Foundation
  • Graphic Design + Art Direction
  • Social Media Marketing
  • Media + Public Relations

University of Missouri – Columbia School of Journalism, 1988


American Staffing Association, 1998

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ADVERTISING / PR COORDINATOR  I  SALLS & BONDA  I  June 1987-June 1988, Cleveland​​

OWNER & PRESIDENT  I  ARTESE COMMUNICATIONS  I  March 2002 to present, Cleveland